4 Mart 2017 Cumartesi

A Letter for Hugh Jackman

Dear Hugh Jackman.
I would like to say something about your last movie. Maybe those sentences won't have any mean for you. But it's very important for me. Because tonight, you made my precious disappointed.
I have a brother. He is one of the biggest admirer of Volverine series. Even If you would see his love you can't believe your eyes. I can't explain his feelings with words. So today was very important day for him. He was waiting for today for years. He have already been read its fiction, followed its news, watched many videos about it and also watched the series over and over. As you can see, he knew almost everything about the last movie. When it's the case, all of other members of the family was also waiting to last movie as much him. Because, Volverine was like one of the members of my family. So, I said him "after movie, call me. I am curious about your feelings."
Then he called me back. But there was something bad in his voices. He said the movie's ending was different from than the fiction. He was shocked and very deeply sad. I tried to console him. But, of course, I couldn't. He is deeply upset. He does not have any idea. He just can't believe the final...
 Today I wrote this to you. Because I have a hope that, maybe you read this, and say something for my brother.

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