15 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

Birthday's Power

 Hi again,

 İstanbul's rainy days are still going on as my depression period as.

 I really don't like dark rainy day. I think, it is enough!

 Almost one week I have not gone anywhere because of it. So, many duties have called me a lot of time...

 Finally, today I left my bed and went out. Can you believe it? Actually, I could not still believe it. :D

 Today had very important day. Because one of my friends was birthday! Thank you, dear, thanks to you I could leave my bed! :D

 It was such a amazing day. We have watched good movie, went out, eaten something different food and of course eaten birthday cake!

 But, this birthday cake was different from whole life I've been eaten. Because this cake was bought by Birthday Guy! She ordered it to us! Can you believe it! Of course we asked why she was acting like that. After I learned that, it is tradition for their hometown. When I heard it, I got an idea. After this, I was gonna find from her hometown. Thanks to it, I could eat free birthday cake all the time. :)

 To sum up, having such a friend like them will always be great treasure for me. :)

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